With our most humble appreciation...
With Our Most Humble Appreciation...

The Authors wish to recognize those individuals and institutions without whose assistance this book would not have been written:

To Mr. Michael Gibson, Archivist for the Center of Dubuque History at Loras College. Mr. Gibson allowed us to scan what fire related photos were in the Archives. He also permitted us to research all of the City of Dubuque documents contained in the Archives.

To Mr. Robert Klein, Head Librarian at Loras College for his gracious hospitality and encouragement.

To Loras College for the fine hospitality and consideration given us by way of allowing the use of a room for setting up our computers and scanners. For access to all materials located within the Archives and Library.

We are particularly grateful to Tacie Campbell, Curator of the Dubuque County Historical Society, who allowed us access to the Cosgrove Scrapbooks, access to photos and documents in the Archives of the Dubuque County Historical Society.

To retired Dubuque Fire Department Captain John McCoy, who loaned us his scrapbooks. So meticulously kept by him throughout his career as a firefighter. Without these books our research would not only have taken considerably longer, but would also have been a great deal more difficult, if not impossible.

To the late Assistant Chief Harold H. Cosgrove whose notes provided us with direction and information that could not have been obtained elsewhere. It was with the knowledge gained from these notes that we were able to piece together the complete story of the department.

To Mary Davis, City Clerk, City of Dubuque whose kind assistance in researching Fire Department Annual Reports proved to be invaluable.

To Joy Anne Hammel-Girolamo for her assistance and meticulous transcribing of many newspaper articles; too numerous to accurately count.

To William K. Hammel-II without whose assistance and talents the graphics and Website would not have been possible.

To William K. Hammel-III who assisted his grandfather in research. William scoured many of the microfilms at Loras College in Dubuque. For his assistance in scanning newspaper articles, documents and photos. His keen eye found many interesting tidbits and articles. His assistance is greatly appreciated.

To Jake, Eli and Keeley Hammel and Chris Martin who with their brother William gleefully assisted "grandpa" with his research. Their assistance is greatly appreciated.

We would like to express our gratitude to Assistant Chief William Friedrich of the Downers Grove, Illinois Fire Department for so graciously allowing us to use his photo collection of the Dubuque Fire Department apparatus.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance given us by Ken TeKippe, Director of Finance, City of Dubuque for giving us access to his personal collection of historic City of Dubuque Annual Financial Reports which contained a great deal of information and several photos relating to the Dubuque Fire Department.

To the Family of the late Fire Chief Robert N. Dunphy; Chief Dunphy's daughters Maureen Dunphy-Frommelt, Marlys Dunphy and Eileen Dunphy his widow for donating his scrapbooks and photos which were invaluable in our research and the writing of the book.

To the Telegraph Herald, Woodward Communications, Inc. and in particular Brian Cooper Executive Editor for his assistance in gaining permission to republish content-articles and photographs-from the TH and its predecessor publications.

A very special thank you goes to Asst. Chief Dave Schuster and Medical Officer Kevin Schmitt for their invaluable assistance.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who contributed to our research by making available or donating their photo collections to us for inclusion in the Book:

George Brown, retired Senior Fire Alarm Dispatcher Main Fire Alarm Office of the Chicago Fire Department.

Paul ‘Yogi’ Behr, retired FEO Dubuque Fire Department.

Robert ‘Bob’ Waddick, retired Captain Dubuque Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Richard ‘Dick’ Ruden, Dubuque Fire Department.

Patricia Casey-Remington, daughter of the late Captain Pat Casey.

Maynard Slaght, son of the late Engineer Ray Slaght of the Dubuque Fire Department.