Turning Back the Pages of History

May 10, 1936

About 30 years ago, the "Admiral" was a popular street car in Dubuque. And here's a picture of it taken at the height of its glory. The photograph, another one for your album, was snapped on Rhomberg avenue while the one-time famous street car was on the Eagle Point run.

Standing on the step is Henry (Hank) Weatherby, veteran motorman, now retired, who handled the controls on the car. The conductor, standing on the street, has not been identified, but he left here, it is said, many years ago. The third gentleman in the picture with the jungle explorer's hat and who shows some resemblance to Major Hoople in. his prime; is none other than Patrick J. Fury, retired police officer, whose feet were pounding the. Eagle Point beat 30 years ago.

The "Admiral," it was recalled, was the first eight-wheeled street car in Dubuque and was reconstructed from two other smaller cars at the Dubuque car barns, then located just north of Twenty-fourth street on Central avenue. It has been said that street car patrons went far out of their way and waited long periods of time for the privilege of riding on the "Admiral."
Now that's all changed and the routes usually covered by the "Admiral" and other street cars are traversed regularly by the modern bus.

Editor's Note: Patrick Fury was a fireman prior to becoming a Dubuque Police Officer. He was stationed at Engine House No. 2 on 4th and Locusts streets.