Monday April 25, 1938

Firemen Rescue Cock Robin; Neat Catch Saves Eggs, Too

Cock Robin tried to hang himself Monday morning.

Firemen had to administer artificial respiration before he got through; pupils at Prescott School got an extra 15-minute recess period; and Fireman Francis Henkels distinguished himself as the department's ace bird egg catcher.

Things became complicated in Cock Robin's household when he tried to patch up the nest on the Prescott School grounds. In the process he became tangled with a cord and found himself dangling upside down.

His chirping and fluttering attracted the attention of teachers who called fireman for the rescue but Cock Robin was ready to take a count of ten before they arrived.

He chirped feebly, kicked a little, and when firemen cut the cord he fell-plunk! -into the life net. Here quick action by Henkels helped save the day.

Cock Robin had partially dislodged the nest in his struggles, and during the excitement the eggs were knocked out, but Henkels snatched up his hat and deftly caught all of them.

Amid cheers from the pupils who had flocked to the windows, firemen treated Cock Robin's "Charlie horse," gave him a bit of respiration, then set him free. He regained his bearings presently-and his breath-and started for parts distant.

Firemen replaced the eggs carefully to fool his mate, and hoped diligently that the young robins in the eggs had withstood the jolt.

And the children went reluctantly back to their books.