The History of the Dubuque Fire Department Help Solve
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What Happened to Chief Joe W. Fisher?
Oscar A. Kratz, former Dubuque city manager, left Dubuque in June, 1930, to become city manager of Covington, which is directly across the Ohio river from Cincinnati.

He prevailed upon Joseph Fisher, then chief of the Dubuque fire department, to resign his post here and follow him to Covington. Political storms out broke in Covington, Kratz lost his post as city manager and Fisher was never permitted to become fire chief in the Kentucky city.

The last word we have on Fisher comes from The Kentucky Post. The information appears at the bottom of the page under the heading "Iowa chief shook up department."

The Death of Louis Arthofer
The Telegraph-Herald ran an article (May 23, 1992) memorializing firemen who died in the line of duty. This information was attributed to the Professional Firefighters Association Local 353. Listed among the firemen was in 1917; one Emil "Dutch" Arthofer died four days after receiving internal injuries from sliding down the pole at the 18th Street firehouse. There appears to be confusing as to Arthofer's first name. There is no Fire Department record of such an incident.