Telegraph Herald
Sunday January 16, 1921

New Fire Chief Appointed

Joe W. Fisher Dubuque has a new chief of the fire department to succeed David Ahern., resigned. He is Joe W. Fisher and he entered upon his duties Saturday.

Mr. Fisher is 33 years of age, joined the fire department of Nashville, Tenn., in 1907, and in 1919 was appointed first assistant chief, and two months later chief at Old Hickory Powder station, Jacksonville, Tenn. This Powder station was one of many industrial communities built up during the war. Between fifty and sixty thousand are employed at this plant. Mr. Fisher was the first man recommended by [the] National Board of Fire Underwriters, as being, in their judgment, the most competent man for fire chief that could be secured.

"Mr. Fisher is a young man full of snap and vigor. I feel that the city of Dubuque is very fortunate in securing his services and that the fire department under his direction will fast become a real pride of the city," said City Manager O. E. Carr.

"Mr. Fisher is to receive $250 per month, which seems like an increase from the previous schedule, but at the same time is the same salary as the captain in Chicago receives and the same salary as the assistant chief in Rockford, Ill., receives, and I believe the people of Dubuque will soon realize not only that the salary is not excessive, but that the money is wisely expended."