Sunday April 10, 1921


Pioneer Fire Fighter Has Been Appointed Assistant Chief.

While many changes have been made in the personnel Fire Chief Fisher's staff, several men who held official titles under the old administration have been retained.

Probably the oldest man in the services Captain Michael Eitel, now assistant chief. Captain Eitel has been one of the main stays of the fire department, being with the local department for over a quarter-century. For years Captain Eitel has served in the capacity of department secretary in addition to his regular duties. He is recognized as a grand old man and has seen many hardships in the department.

During his period of service he has seen many changes, both in men and also in fire fighting apparatus. He was a member of the Volunteer department, prior to the time this organization was put on a paid basis. He made a wild dash to fires at the sound of the siren, and did his share on the old hand pumping engine.

Then came the steamer engines drawn by horses. And last of all the automobile. During his time there were very few fires that he missed. Captain Murphy, Kenneally, Baumgartner and Herr have been retained on the staff. These men have seen some service in the department. All are efficient firefighters and are a big asset to the present machine. Captain McManus, the congenial 225-pound fire laddie, Captain Harker and Captain Kannolt were raised from the ranks of lieutenancy, with the exception of Captain Harker, who until the arrival of Chief Fisher, was aid to the chief. The three new officers are fighters from the word go.

With such material as contained in the reorganized fire fighting machine fires have no place in Dubuque.