Telegraph Herald
Saturday May 10, 1902



They Perished in Iowa Iron Works Fire--Any Amount Will Be Gladly Welcomed

Several Hundred Dollars Subscribed in a Few Moments

A movement was inaugurated to-day having for its object the creation of a fund to be apportioned equally among the families of Firemen Fitzpatrick, Ganahl, and Wise, the victims of Thursday night's fire at the Iowa Iron Works. Messrs. Fitzpatrick and Ganahl left large families who have no means of support and Mr. Wise is survived by an infant child, who must be dependent on relatives unless funds for its support are subscribed.

It is a debt the public owes its protectors, who have died in discharge of their duties, to provide for those who were dependent on them. It is a Christian obligation and a charity that deserves the support of everybody.

With a view to assisting to the extent of its ability, the movement to collect for the widows and the orphans; this journal announces its readiness to receive subscriptions in any sum and itself starts the list with $50.00. The names and amounts of all subscribers to the fund will be published in the order of their receipt. It should be remembered that true charity comes from the pocket and in view of the necessities of the firemen's families, such charity is sorely needed. Send in any amount. Any sum will help and it will reveal the spirit of gratitude to the men whose lives were sacrificed in the attempt to save other people's property. Don't wait to see what your neighbor will do. Send in money or the amount you will give when called on, at once, the sooner the better.

This subscription is undertaken in a purely unselfish spirit. The Telegraph-Herald cheerfully undertakes to be instrumental in aiding the families of the dead firemen. If you wish to subscribe to other funds having the same worthy object in view, do so, and at once. It cuts no figure to what list you subscribe. Only subscribe to the extent of your means.

A telephone canvass for subscription this afternoon netted the following amounts, each man interviewed cheerfully offering assistance:

Iowa Iron Works 500.00
Telegraph-Herald employees20.00
N. J. Schrup50.00
Jaeger & Lange10.00
J. J. McCarthy 25.00
Myers, Cox & Co.10.00
Tom Connolly 10.00
Bowen & Fitzpatrick 15.00
The Albee Bakery 10.00
Hoar & Murphy 5.00
T. W. Ruete 10.00
H. A. Schunk5.00
Jas. Levi 10.00
Rhomberg Bros5.00
James McFadden 10.00
Ott Mueser 20.00
John Weimer 5.00
W. J. Knight 25.00
Ott Mueser 10.00
Iowa Coffin Co. 25.00
Cash 1.00
Thos. Maguire, East Dubuque 1.00
Farley & Loetscher 50.00
John B. Ernsdorff & Sons 10.00
F. A. Miller 1.00
The John Ellwanger Co. 50.00
Herman Brinkman 5.00
Peter Seipple 20.00
McDonald & Morrison Mfg. Co. 25.00
Thos. Phillips 20.00