Friday September 15, 1939

Dubuque Fireman, Cat Rescuer, May Be Nicknamed "Meow"

The word "meow", commonly referred to in connection with the common house cat, has had a somewhat irritating twang to a certain Dubuque fireman during the past three days. In fact it appears as though this certain fireman may have "meow" affixed to him as a nickname, but not without protest, however.

Early during the present week, firemen were called to the Euqubud cafe and later during the same day to the Katz meat market, both located on Main near 6th st. At the Euqubud the fireman in question, observed that a pet cat had been almost overcome by leaking amonia gas fumes and a quick rescue of the pet was effected while other firefighters were shutting off the amonia supply. Later in the day, at the Katz market, the same fireman assumed the task of rescuing a large mother Persian cat and her four kittens from the building where amonia had also been leaking. For both rescues, owners were thankful. But unappreciating fellow firemen, showing an utter lack of affectation for pets and the finer things of life have been since catcalling at the pet rescuer with "meows", causing great discomforture to the said fireman.

But it's been all in fun (until, someone gets killed), and Truckman Fred Wieneke, generally recognized as one of the hardest working firemen on the force and a real all-around hustler, is living in hopes and awaiting his turn of having something similar on one of his mates at a future date. And the odds are saying that he will.