Thursday January 20, 1859
J.B. Howard - Chief Engineer—The city has now three Engines, three Hose carts and one Hook and Ladder Truck, manned in all by 255 men. The system in detail, is made up as follows:

J. B. Howard, Chief Engineer.

Philip Sage, Assistant Engineer.

WASHINGTON ENGINE CO. No.1.—Wm. Barton, Foreman; A. T. Cook, 1st Assistant; J. Van Alstine, 2nd Assistant, with 75 members, one Hose cart, and 800 feet of leading hose, in good order.

PROTECTION ENGINE CO. No. 2.—H. M. Shaw, Foreman; L.E. Wright, 1st Assistant; J. McDermott, 2nd Assistant, with 76 members, one Hose cart, and 800 feet of leading hose in good order.

MECHANICS ENGINE CO. No. 3.—C. H. Jenish, Foreman; Jno. Appel, 1st Assistant; Heinrich Heeb, 2nd Assistant with 76 members, and one Hose cart, with 800 feet of leading hose in good order.

The Hook and Ladder Truck is in charge of No. 3,with 30 men at present, but will be organized as an independent Co. in a few weeks. It has four ladders, three hooks, two axes and two crotch poles.

There are sixteen public cisterns, containing each 600 barrels. The number, we are told by the Chief Engineer, is insufficient for the wants of the city. It is to be hoped that this defect will in some manner be remedied as speedily as possible.

In conclusion, we must add that our system, though voluntary, is a most excellent one, and that our Firemen are ready on all occasions to do their duty to time very limit of their ability.