Iowa Iron Works
Ninth and Washington Streets
March 8, 1902

Captain Frank Ganahl
Chemical Engine Company No. 1 - 1902

Frank Ganahl
John Fitzpatrick John Fitzpatrick
Lieutenant Truck Company No. 1 - 1902

Charles Wise
Volunteer - 1902

Charles Wise

On the evening of May 8, 1902 fire was discovered at the foundry Iowa Iron Works Co. Immediately a general alarm was sounded. The Chemical Engine Company from the Central Engine House was the first unit on the scene, followed closely by the Hook & Ladder Company.

A call went out for Volunteers to assist the Dubuque Firemen in battling the blaze. In response to this call for volunteers Charles Wise and Daniel McPoland; as was their custom; heeded the call.

During the course of fighting the fire the east wall collapsed upon four of those fighting the blaze killing Captain Ganahl, Lieutenant John Fitzpatrick and Volunteer Charles Wise. Also seriously injuried was Volunteer Daniel McPoland.

Alarm of Fire at 32nd. and Jackson Streets
Accident at 20th and Jackson
August 17, 1915

George Beyer Lieutenant George Beyer
Engine Company No. 6 - 1915

Lieutenant George Beyer, of No. 6 Engine Company, died of injuries he received while responding to a malicious false alarm on Tuesday morning August 17, 1915 at Elm Street and Rhomberg Avenue. He was thrown from an auto truck while responding to the alarm and suffered a concussion of the brain. He died on August 21, 1915. The Story...

Collision Between Engine Company No. 1
& Engine Company No. 3
October 17, 1917

Pipeman Peter Zillig
Engine Company No. 1 - 1917

Peter Zillig was killed responding to an alarm of fire from the Farley & Loetscher Manufacturing Company. Engine No. 3 collided with Engine No. 1 at the intersection of Eighth and Clay (Central) Avenue. Zillig was thrown from the tailboard and died instantly of massive head injuries. The Story...
Pete Zillig

Grass Fire
Kaufman Avenue
March 20, 1938

Elmer Hubacher Pipeman Elmer "Duke" Hubacher
Engine Company No. 1 - 1938

Elmer Hubacher suffered a massive heart attack while fighting a large grass on Kaufmann Avenue on Sunday March 20, 1938. The Story...

Hub Clothier
744 Main Street
August 13, 1952

Captain Patrick (Pat) Casey
Engine Company No. 1 - 1952

Captain Casey of Engine Company No. 1 suffered a fatal heart attack at the 3 Alarm Fire at the Hub Clothiers 744 Main Street on August 13, 1952. The Story...
Pat Casey

Photo provided by
Patricia Casey-Remington,
the daughter of Captain Casey.